About Us

Our Story

DayDot was created in 2023 by husband and wife team Chris and Tara Maguire from Northern Ireland. Their journey began after Tara was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis following the birth of her second child in 2021.

Tara's Journey

During her recovery, Tara clung to her journal, writing everything down. However, as she progressed, she found it difficult to continue journaling, a practice she had maintained since 2008. She tried bullet journaling and planners with daily prompts, but none of them seemed to be the right fit. The creativity was either too much or not enough, and the structure was too rigid. Missing a day would ruin the entire week!

Creating DayDot Journals

Chris and Tara wanted a solution that would allow Tara to take days off, focus on manageable tasks, and emphasise the positivity of each day. They decided to create DayDot Journals, a unique blend of structure and flexibility, designed to empower users to make the most of their time while nurturing their creativity and well-being.

Undated and Versatile Design

DayDot Journals are undated, allowing you to skip days, only track on certain days, or even skip weeks if you prefer. This adaptable format ensures that you can tailor your journaling experience to your unique needs and preferences. Additionally, a dot grid page appears once every seven pages, providing space for self-expression, photos, journal grids, or advanced trackers. With DayDot Journals, the possibilities are endless!

Mental Health and Task Management

Breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable steps is a proven approach to promoting mental well-being. By focusing on one day at a time and setting achievable daily goals, DayDot Journals help reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of accomplishment, and foster a more positive mindset. By empowering users to develop healthy habits and maintain a sense of control over their daily lives, DayDot Journals promote overall mental health and resilience.

A New Era of Journaling

With DayDot Journals, Chris and Tara have created a space for individuals to embark on a personalised journey, striking the perfect balance between productivity and self-expression. They're excited to share their creation with the world, inspiring others to embrace the beauty and power of daily reflection.