Collection: Colour fades

The Colour Fades Collection is available in our most popular formats:

  • Dot Grid: Ideal for bullet journaling, planning, and sketching with the perfect balance of guidance and freedom.
  • Lined: Best suited for traditional note-taking, writing, and list-making with clear, organised lines.

Immerse yourself in the subtle elegance of the Colour Fades Collection from DayDot Journals, where each notebook cover boasts a mesmerising gradient that captures the essence of colour transition. Designed for those who appreciate the beauty in everyday moments, this collection brings a touch of sophistication to your journaling, planning, and note-taking.

From the serene blues of dawn to the warm oranges of dusk, each notebook in this collection represents a unique time of day or natural phenomenon. The Colour Fades Collection is not just a set of notebooks but an invitation to explore the nuances of colour and creativity.

Why Choose the Colour Fades Collection?

Elegant gradient covers that blend colours seamlessly.

Available in dot grid and lined pages to suit all your creative and organisational needs.

Made with high-quality paper to ensure a smooth writing experience.

Durable and perfect-bound to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Let the Colour Fades Collection inspire your daily tasks, creative projects, and everything in between. Discover your favourite gradient and add a splash of colour to your day. Shop the collection today and start your journey with DayDot Journals.