How the New Taylor Swift Album, "The Tortured Poets Department" Has Affected Me

The therapy for past trauma I never knew I needed.

A Surprising Therapy

The lyrics and melodies of Taylor Swift's latest album have unexpectedly become a source of healing, addressing past traumas and encouraging emotional exploration.

Personal Reflections

Each track has touched on different aspects of my experiences, helping me to confront and cope with deep-seated issues in a way I hadn't anticipated.

Favorite Tracks from the Album

  • Who's Afraid of Little Old Me? - This song resonates with my journey of overcoming fear and embracing my true self, the witchy vibes are incredible and the tune is so catchy.
  • Smallest Man Who Ever Lived - Its lyrics touch on themes of insignificance and resilience, which deeply move me. I think everyone dated an absolute gasbag when they were 19 so this resonates with a lot of Swifties.
  • Down Bad - This track skillfully blends themes of mystical love with everyday reality.
  • Clara Bow - This song carries a somewhat melancholy vibe, capturing a haunting yet beautiful essence. I really feel for the women of Holywood who have been so poorly treated since it began, the never ending cycle of greed and exploitative behaviour.
  • I Can Do It with a Broken Heart - A powerful reminder of strength and perseverance through tough times. It's a little sad to think Miss Swift went through all this and still kept preforming.

Discover more about how music can play a part in emotional therapy in my upcoming posts.

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